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My name is James M. Faber. I am 51 years old and live in Mission Viejo, CA, which is about 20 miles south of Disneyland. I have a beautiful wife named Jennifer, who is 44 years young. Together we have three boys, James Jr. who is 20, Joseph who is 19, and Jacob who is 15.

I was born in Portland, Oregon in 1961, the second child to my parents, William and Norma Faber. My older sister Linda graced their presence first in 1958. I attended the University of Southern California in 1979 and 1980, studying Aerospace Engineering. In the spring of 1981, I transferred to the University of Portland, where I graduated in May 1984 with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. I am currently a Vice President for a large Civil Engineering Company headquartered in Los Angeles.

I became interested in the Civil War in the 5th grade and this interest exploded when I took a trip to the East Coast in 1975, in the 8th grade, as part of a tour of the landmarks of America. We visited Gettysburg, and I became just short of obsessed with it. I was very moved by how well preserved the battlefield was, and how the regiments who fought there placed monuments in exact spots where they were engaged as tributes to their units and their comrades. It was really not too hard to let my mind create images as to what happened there. It was a special place to me then, and it still is today.

I have mentioned in the book how important this battle was to the history of this country and ALL of its people, for a Union loss at Gettysburg would have, more likely than not, created Southern independence from these United States of America, and a separate country in North America named the Confederate States of America-a country where slavery would have been lawful.

The book is written in an historical fiction genre, so the people are real, and the places and things they did are just as real. I built the story around this true history, while adding some fiction for additional drama. But, the stars of this book are the real people who lived through it, and what truly incredible people they were, having to endure this massive battle in, and around, their small town. My hope is you get to know these people through reading this book; that they may come “alive” for you, and you become just as admiring of them as I became while working on this project. This book deals with just some of those people. There are many, many others, but the brevity of the book, and the need to really get to know them, prevented me from including others. But, those I chose to include were quite something, of strong and great character.

Everyone who lived in Gettysburg was affected as there was no escape for those who braved the horror and stayed to protect their homes. Even those who left town eventually returned to the carnage that littered their town, but that is another story.

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